Dr. Francois Monnet Joins Estating

Francois Monnet, former Credit Suisse senior executive, joins property fintech Estating.

Founded in 2020, Estating allows investors hassle-free access to global opportunities in real estate by adding a new financial product propelling the democratization of real estate investing. Indeed, Estating RELINC (Real Estate linked Certificate) enables clients to select and […]

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Estating places first tranche of PRIME RELINC (bankable real estate linked certificate) for apartment in Spain

  • RELINC for prime residential apartment Teatro Gran Via 30, Madrid, Spain successfully placed
  • RELINC is a new financial product, allowing investors to property pick and build a global portfolio tailored to their needs – now offering Spanish properties for the first time
  • Easy and secure – enabling investing in prime properties directly […]
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Diversificar el portafolio, entre los retos de asesores financieros para 2022

Los inversionistas están buscando ideas que les abran caminos a nuevos mercados en 2022, por lo que les piden a sus asesores financieros diversificación de su portafolio y agilidad frente a un escenario cambiante y de tasas negativas. ¿Cómo alcanzarlo?

Los inversionistas globales retoman poco a poco la confianza tras […]

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Estating: The model that is shaking up the real estate market

Estating is changing the way the property market works. It is combining an innovative financial product with borderless technology to open the market for investment in prime property to a world of untapped demand.

This global digital platform allows investors to make fractionalized investments in prime real estate from their traditional […]

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Estating’s Video Intro

Investing in the property of your choice has to be as easy as investing into the company of your choice. Just buy the quantity of securities you want via your bank or broker and hold them in your securities account.

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LatAm investors take refuge in the real estate sector

Investors in Latin America and other emerging countries are betting on the real estate sector in developed markets to maintain and even maximize the value of their savings amid the uncertainty generated by the coronavirus crisis and the progressive appreciation of the dollar. 

As the pandemic wreaked […]

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Estating will bring a world of new buyers to your door

If you are a premium property developer or a professional real estate seller in one of the world’s top prime cities then you must read on.

Estating is a new prop-fin-tech platform that will connect your supply to a huge untapped global demand for what you have to sell. And what is more, […]

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Estating puts the Financial Advisor in the driving seat

Being a Financial Advisor is not always easy.


  • Clients want their money to grow but remain safe.
  • They want ideas that break new ground, but do not want to step to far from the system.
  • They want to be involved, but not have their time wasted.
  • They expect value add and new ideas.
  • And […]
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Meet Kim and David and discover what Estating has to offer them

Meet Kim and David and discover what Estating has to offer them


Meet Kim


  • Active investor
  • Middle-aged
  • Risk-taker
  • Spars with her financial advisor, however takes her own investment decisions
  • Investing to build wealth and enjoy while doing so
  • Looking for something new and exciting


Kim has been successful. She was on the board of a high-profile French venture […]

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Estating is scaling fast and invites movers and shakers to join its mission!

⚡ We are hiring! ⚡


Estating is scaling fast and invites movers and shakers to join its mission!


We want to change the world by democratizing and disrupting access to the property market and offer its advantages to all.


We will scale fast. While it begins with qualified investors, this is only the start. Estating’s goal […]

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