Being a Financial Advisor is not always easy.


  • Clients want their money to grow but remain safe.
  • They want ideas that break new ground, but do not want to step to far from the system.
  • They want to be involved, but not have their time wasted.
  • They expect value add and new ideas.
  • And administration needs to be fast, efficient and perfect first time.


Estating understands this challenge and is offering a new product that puts the Financial Advisor at the center of accessing a brand-new financial asset on behalf of their clients. Estating is opening the door to adding Prime Real Estate to your client’s investment portfolios.


financial advisor


Add property picking to your client’s portfolio


The key to the door is the conversion of an individual prime property into security. This allows the client to buy fractions of properties, with the flexibility to match their own preferences in the same way they pick stocks.


Working with you, the investment portfolio can be shaped to their needs of growth and yield, while also being shaped to their interests — favorite country, favorite location, beachfront or city center, luxury or social need. It is the chance to satisfy both heart and head with them property picking while you improve their risk-return profile (Sharpe ratio). And most importantly you can do this with the reassurance that this opportunity sits inside the financial system, protected by regulations and fully bankable.


Estating certificates as part of your client’s bankable portfolio


Estating will provide you with the technology that puts you at the center of this transaction. You will be supplied with the access code to these properties that will allow you to ‘show’ your client around. The vetting of the seller, valuation, and documentation will all be done for you in advance and be available at your due diligence. And when you and your client decide to invest, the process is a click of a mouse with the simplest of administration effort from you or your team. The problems of local language and local laws have been removed and local costs are greatly reduced by the incorporation of blockchain protocols and made frictionless by technology.


Securitization process


It is a proposition that offers:


  • Something new for both existing and new clients
  • Options for growth or yield.
  • A modern vehicle housed in the tradition of the banking system.
  • The opportunity to talk and engage with your client as you design the right picks for them.
  • Sophisticated (leveraged) to simple structure.
  • Speedy, simple and secure administration.
  • Attractive primary and secondary fees.