The Global Marketplace for Direct Real Estate

Estating unlocks the door to property investment without the hassle.
At its simplest, Estating is a digital marketplace that democratizes real estate investments, opening the door to picking properties for everybody, connecting international supply with untapped global demand.

Estating offers access to premium properties to qualified investors who were excluded before, using a completely digital end-to-end process and disruptive fee structure. Estating allows qualified investors to register and invest in prime real estate with a minimum as low as € 50,000.

Putting together your own real estate portfolio should be as easy as investing into listed stocks of your company of choice, in any size, across national borders and without leaving the financial system.

We do so with a bankable and fractionalised investment product, that is protected inside the regulated banking system. We use a proven securitisation technology and offer properties via our Luxembourg securitisation vehicle ‘Estating Property Vault S.A.’.

Headquartered in Berlin, Estating has offices in Luxembourg and Armenia with team members located in Germany, Switzerland, London, Spain, USA and Armenia, currently serving clients in Europe and Latin America.