Building Diversity – the power of property in your portfolio

In a world of uncertainty, how do we protect the financial well-being of ourselves and our family?

Quality real estate as part of your asset management strategy is one answer. That is where the ultra-rich put their wealth, to preserve it and to hedge against inflation. But this is a strategy […]

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Dr. Francois Monnet Joins Estating

Francois Monnet, former Credit Suisse senior executive, joins property fintech Estating.

Founded in 2020, Estating allows investors hassle-free access to global opportunities in real estate by adding a new financial product propelling the democratization of real estate investing. Indeed, Estating RELINC (Real Estate linked Certificate) enables clients to select and […]

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Branded Residences: The New Luxury Good and New Asset Class

If the brand of your car, watch, silk tie or handbag stands for something, then why shouldn’t your apartment building? We are all familiar with the world’s most luxurious brands: names such as Gucci, Cartier, Hermes, Porsche, Prada, Ritz, St Regis, Aston Martin. These organizations stand for trust, due to […]

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Innovaciones tecnológicas de las fintech retan a los gestores de activos en 2022

La rápida expansión de las empresas fintech y el ‘boom’ de estos servicios gracias al uso de nuevas herramientas digitales retan a los gestores de activos a moverse ágilmente en un escenario de alta competitividad; enfrentan una coyuntura en la que las soluciones automatizadas como los robo-advisor les obligan a […]

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Estating: The model that is shaking up the real estate market

Estating is changing the way the property market works. It is combining an innovative financial product with borderless technology to open the market for investment in prime property to a world of untapped demand.

This global digital platform allows investors to make fractionalized investments in prime real estate from their traditional […]

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Global premiere: Estating places bankable real estate certificates for apartment in Miami

  • Democratization of real estate investments thanks to bankable securitization solution within the regulated financial system
  • New financial product for financial advisors: individual properties in the securities account allow for global diversification
  • Real estate investments simplified through securitization – the product offers the ideal opportunity for value appreciation in the current interest rate […]
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Estating’s Video Intro

Investing in the property of your choice has to be as easy as investing into the company of your choice. Just buy the quantity of securities you want via your bank or broker and hold them in your securities account.

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LatAm investors take refuge in the real estate sector

Investors in Latin America and other emerging countries are betting on the real estate sector in developed markets to maintain and even maximize the value of their savings amid the uncertainty generated by the coronavirus crisis and the progressive appreciation of the dollar. 

As the pandemic wreaked […]

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Heads up Swiss financial advisors!

Estating has founded its Subsidiary Estating Suisse. The company is domiciled in Brandschenkestrasse in Zurich and will serve as Estating’s “Wealth Management Hub”. Following the great demand from swiss financial advisors for our real estate investment solution, we decided it is the right move to open our fourth subsidiary in […]

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European platform Estating sets foot in the U.S.


  • Democratizing access to investing in high end real estate and making properties bankable
  • Miami is primed for real estate, finance and tech innovation.
  • FinTech scene experiencing robust growth in Miami and Latin America, while Estating brings real estate into the financial system
  • A new financial product […]
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