Estating places first tranche of PRIME RELINC (bankable real estate linked certificate) for apartment in Spain

  • RELINC for prime residential apartment Teatro Gran Via 30, Madrid, Spain successfully placed
  • RELINC is a new financial product, allowing investors to property pick and build a global portfolio tailored to their needs – now offering Spanish properties for the first time
  • Easy and secure – enabling investing in prime properties directly […]
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The Advent of a New Asset Class

For centuries, home ownership has been considered a proven strategy to build wealth. Indeed, it has entered the investing language as being “safe as houses”.  However, it is also true that as an asset it can be described as “slow and cumbersome as houses”. Property has historically been illiquid; transactions […]

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Innovaciones tecnológicas de las fintech retan a los gestores de activos en 2022

La rápida expansión de las empresas fintech y el ‘boom’ de estos servicios gracias al uso de nuevas herramientas digitales retan a los gestores de activos a moverse ágilmente en un escenario de alta competitividad; enfrentan una coyuntura en la que las soluciones automatizadas como los robo-advisor les obligan a […]

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Estating: The model that is shaking up the real estate market

Estating is changing the way the property market works. It is combining an innovative financial product with borderless technology to open the market for investment in prime property to a world of untapped demand.

This global digital platform allows investors to make fractionalized investments in prime real estate from their traditional […]

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